He calls on us all. John 4

Until recently, I’m not sure that I truly appreciated the story of the woman at the well, the Samaritan woman, in John 4. But I read it now and see how many traditions Jesus ignored and how many dividing walls the Samaritan woman jumped over. Both of them had much to gain and much to lose.

Jesus was expected to maintain his place, such as not talk to women in private conversation, limit dealings with Samaritans, not drink from an unclean vessel (that of a Samaritan).

God calls on us all. pin.jpg

The woman was also expected to maintain distance from a stranger, was an outcast of her own people, was excluded from access to God by Jewish tradition.

I see here that Jesus calls on a Gentile, a woman, an adulterer. She converts and preaches to her neighbors. Perhaps this woman should be known as the first apostle! Paul follows in her footsteps, bringing Jesus to the Gentiles.

Jesus was so radical in His acceptance of everyone, His forgiveness for all and in His vision of we can be. He continues to offer the same to us today. He embraces you! He calls on you and can use you as you are.