Delilah – Woman of God...? Judges 16

I think that might get anyone’s attention if you know the story of Delilah and Samson found in Judges 16. When a person is so vengeful and deceitful, surely they are not one of God’s own. I guess in the traditional sense, I would concede. Hers the rub: God created Delilah and God used her to bring about His purposes.

This story brings to mind the people that we have such a hard time getting along with. The ones that don’t seem to be completely forthcoming, the ones who find gain in all the bad, the ones who seem to come out on top every time, the ones who don’t seem to care much about others. My husband was in just such a situation with not one, but two people. Looking back on it now, it wasn’t just people God put there to test and try us, but I am certain that my husband was there to protect and support others who were in their path. As imperfect as we are, God may not put these people in our path just to challenge or develop us and make us grow. In tough times, we often see only the our own tough spot, but here, at least in hindsight, I can see that God may also have us there to alleviate the troubles of others.

So, was Delilah a woman of God. Not by most standards, but God still used her for His purposes. It just might take time to see that purpose when we face our own Delilahs.