Parable of Yeast, Matt 13:33

On Wednesday, I was able to expound quite a bit on two verses. Today is only one verse and I am not sure that I have as much to say, perhaps you are thankful 😊.

In reading this and considering it a while, I find that my thoughts keep returning to the fact that we now know that yeast only works on gluten-based ingredients. Yeast gives off byproducts which is then trapped by the gluten. It doesn’t actually do anything to the other ingredients, the liquid for example. The yeast feeds on sugar and creates CO2 and alcohol, new products which then interacts with the gluten. The gluten actually traps the yeast byproducts.

The yeast creates these byproducts by feeding on sugar, much like we ourselves need to feed on the word. Psalm 119:103 says ‘How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!’ When we digest the word, that process has a knock-on effect within and around us. The word works in us to produce the character of Christ within us. It changes everything and the original person is no longer the same but is a new creation. Much as the inability to separate the original ingredients when making bread, the old has gone and the new has come. That character can’t help but issue forth from us and affect those around us.

I doubt it is anything but foresight that this dough must then be fired before it is useful. We walk through the fire and challenges daily and seasonally. In this too, we build the strength and character necessary to serve Him in these seasons of life.

psalm 119-103.png