Parable of the Vineyard Owner, Matt 20:1-16

We likely know the parable talks of how the reward is the same for those who come first or those who come last into the kingdom. But I have always been fascinated by something else of this vineyard owner. He likely got all the workers that he needed, that were necessary for the amount of work when he first went out in the morning. But, here he is, continuing to hire workers through the day. He gives them work and they earn the agreed reward.

He gives their day meaning and worth, contributing to something greater and helping ones self too. He is rich beyond compare and shares his wealth with others.

I am reminded of a meme on Facebook, a video actually, of a lady who goes out in the morning and does her shopping at the outdoor market. She goes out haggling for every purchase, with the stallholders left with little. She goes on to lunch with friends later, paying the tab for all of them. She leaves a large tip and even tips the doorman of the restaurant. Panning by the market again, it is striking the level of wealth at the restaurant and even of the doorman, compared to the market stalls and the workers there.

The lady clearly had enough money to pay generously for her market purchases, where haggling has saved her 1 or 2 dollars. Those 1 or 2 dollars could provide for the school supplies and the lunches of the market people’s children.

So, today I think more of the generosity of the vineyard owner than the compensation that will be the same for all. I see more the generosity of the vineyard owner, who gave because he could and saw no value in withholding from others. The vineyard owner who offers work to all, adding meaning to their day.

parable of vineyard owner matt 20-1-16.png