A prayer for troubled times

I call out to you, Lord. I exalt you and praise your name. You are great, worthy of praise and honor. You are gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. You are good. Your works proclaim your goodness, righteousness and might. You are trustworthy in all and faithful to keep your promises.

Look upon me and save me. You hear my plea and answer me. I am troubled and distraught because of what I hear. I am suffering and afraid. If I had wings of a dove I would fly away and leave all this trouble behind me. I run to your shelter and find refuge far from all this.

Destruction is a work against me, but you sustain me Lord my King, my defender. You save me whenever I cry out to you. You rescue me unharmed from the battle that wages against me. Though many oppose me, You, Lord, stand on my side and have fought for me.  Their smooth words are darts to my inmost, but you soothe my soul and meet my every need.

You, Lord, sustain me in my troubles and set me on the firmament when I am shaken. I trust in you, Lord. In my time of trouble, I turn to you and confidently hold fast. Amen.