Yahweh Yireh, The Lord will Provide - Genesis 22:14

The Lord will provide. It can be overwhelming to think of all that he provides. But I think it is relevant to look at the situation that Abraham is in when he makes this statement in Genesis 22:14.

He is about to lose everything: the promise, his future, his family, his miracle child. Abraham was in a place of complete trust, even though he was going to lose everything that he wanted and everything that God had promised.

He must have been in such mental anguish and despair. He must have cried out to God through the whole trek. Then as he handed the wood to his son to carry, he must have again cried out. When he set out the altar and the wood upon it, he must have cried out. As he bound his own son, he must have cried out. Isaac too must have cried out, or did they play it along as a game? He was old enough to converse and consider that the sacrificial animal was not brought along with them, he may too have understood what was happening. Any child would be struck by the knife in his father’s hand while he was tied and placed on the sacrificial altar. This too must have led Abraham to cry out to God.

When our children are crying to us. When we don’t understand ourselves. When it takes all our strength to just put one foot in front of the other. When we feel completely alone. When we have lost all. When we see no future. When we have nothing left. It is the Lord; the Lord will provide.

It is in the dire and helpless circumstances that we cry out to God. Sometimes we yell and scream, but I think it is more often a silent plea, a mental scream, for help. God will provide.

We do not know if that provision will come as a ram or lamb, pigeon or angel. He alone knows the best provision for our situation. And it is in our surrender that he reveals himself and his provision.

The strength and wonder made available to us in crying out to Yahweh Yireh is immeasurable. In crying out to him, we will strengthen our faith in his miracle working power and renew our patience in time of trials. The Lord will provide.

The words in the original Hebrew is closely related to the verb ‘see’ and we know in our hearts that he sees. But the usage here goes one step further in that he acts, the translation is ‘look after’. When we look after someone or something, we do what is best for them. Our God will look after us, he will provide.

In our struggles, the Lord will provide.

In our hopelessness, the Lord will provide.

In our distress, the Lord will provide.

In our loneliness, the Lord will provide.

In our confusion, the Lord will provide.

In our weakness, the Lord will provide.

In our darkness, the Lord will provide.

In our emptiness, the Lord will provide.

In our battles, the Lord will provide.

In our need, the Lord will provide.

Yahweh Yireh.

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