Widow of a fool. 1 Samuel 25

Abigail has always been an interesting character (1 Samuel 25). She seems to fulfill all the descriptions in Proverbs 31 for a wife of noble character, and she is beautiful and intelligent (1 Samuel 25:3). It is all the more perplexing that she has married a fool, this man named Nabal.

Abigail must have known who this man was, and surely her family knew as well. Given the times, she likely would not have had all that much to say about who she married, but I would expect that some attempt at a decent match was made. I wonder if Nabal changed after they married or perhaps riches had gone to his head.

Considering the ‘Proverbs 31 woman’, it would seem that verse 11 did not apply in this case: her husband did not have full confidence in her and lacked plenty of value (all he lacked will have to be set aside for this post. It would get a bit long!). Nabal would not have sent Abigail as an envoy to a king. I doubt anyone at the time would have sent a woman as an envoy. Yet, we find a very capable and considerate envoy.

Abigail provides a nice formula for the approach: providing unflattering information about the enemy, her husband; then proceeding to offer a gift of food; and ends with flattery and praise of David’s work the Lord. I doubt I would have thought so quickly and prepared so well for the encounter, not in my haste to prepare the food and race out to find the gentleman intent on destroying my family. Indeed, the words and the speech that she delivers marks her as one who is close to God, only one who has gained the wisdom of God could have done so well.

Drawing near to Him, we take on His character. Abigail was level-headed in conflict, direct and truthful in her words, and had the goodwill of all on her heart. She clearly carried herself in a way that was remarkable for David to then call on her and ask her to be his wife. What a change from the wife of a fool to the wife of a king and man after God’s own heart!

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